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There is no other law more universal, more correct, more irenic nor more moral than the Ten Commandments. If we have the desire to extend it's moral tones to other areas of society, a direct application to those areas must be made through the Ten Commandments.

Despite what anyone may think, believe or fantasize, the ONLY ones who have a problem with the Ten Commandments, and want it limited or removed, are those who either break it themselves, or have associates who violate the Ten Commandments. Of course, if we willingly and brazenly violate the Ten Commandments, we definitely are not going to want it to be a rule to be judged by, and so naturally, we are going to do all in our power to annul the Ten Commandments.

What is one way to annul the Ten Commandments? One way is to do like the Columbine teens did to their classmates. Another is follow the numerous false acts of so -called "Christians" in past history. Another is to practice racism. If we call ourselves advocates against such acts, we must backup our advocacy with the moral inherentness of the Ten Commandments, because, the Ten Commandments are clearly a loud voice against ALL immoral acts.

Calling ourselves an advocate for Christ, and an advocate for the Ten Commandments, and yet brazenly violating its clear image, is a bare manifestation of hypocrisy indeed. Christianity and obedience to the Ten Commandments are not professions, but precise actions. It is impossible to blame Christianity and the Ten Commandments on the dumb acts of hypocrites posed under the inherent beauty of Christianity.

If you have an interest in learning the truth about Christianity, the Ten Commandments etc. this site is for you. We also target Christian enemy religions such as atheism.

Atheism is an important topic, mainly because it is the most prevalent evil against Christianity. Atheism can be technically defined as follows:

Atheism - the instance or act of deploring and fighting against morality, Christianity and God while buffering oneself behind the fanciful notion of the non-existence of God, and often satan, in order to avoid the appearance of the inevitable linkage with satan.

The definition has numerous repercussions, all of which are helpful for those seeking to gain an unbiased and clear knowledge of the substance of atheism and of it's adherents.

Democracy is also a broad extension of atheism. Democracy frees us, or at least seeks to free us to commit sin. In order for us to feel free to sin, we also must be an atheist, so we can forget about the punishment God is going to bring. By saying God doesn't exist (of course we know He does though) we can sin all we want to without fear of punishment from Him. Well, at least that's what atheism is trying to do. A word to the criticizer... We have heard every kind of statement, such as, "God doesn't want us to judge.", "You are too hateful", "You should respect their opinions", "You are intolerant", etc. but we can perceive the foolishness, naivety, and rejection of truths in such statements, and thus we will remain undaunted and unchanged in what is clearly seen to be right.



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