USA constitution bears part guilt of Colorado school tragedy

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Since the day of America's most disastrous school violence, Americans have pondered the question, "Who to blame for this violence?" This blame goes on thousands of people's heads including the two boys.

In an immediate sense the two boys bear the blame. No matter what they had listened to, no matter how others treated them and no matter how they were brought up, there was no justifiable reason instigating their crime. This incident is proof enough of the depraved, sinful and fallen condition of every human being. If the boys had not carried part justice out on themselves, it would be the government's solemn responsibility to carry it (the death penalty) out on them.

I know nothing of the boy's parents so I cannot contribute any blame to them. If they are living, it is very likely, however that they did not teach their boys to respect human life and to solemnly adhere to God's command, "You shall not murder." If so, they bear part of the guilt also.

The evil music and web sites that the boys may have enjoyed outlines their authors as blameworthy culprits.

It is impossible for me to list all of those to be blamed. But in the ultimate sense the USA CONSTITUTION which LEGALIZES VIOLENT INTERNET SITES, VIOLENT MURDEROUS MUSIC, and NO GOD IN SCHOOLS bears the blame. Also the USA constitution does not require that parents teach their kids NOT TO MURDER. Schools cannot teach students God's command, "You shall not murder." nor can they teach them God's command, "You shall love your neighbor as you should rightly love yourself." This absence of moral restraint only makes children what Americans called Hitler, a "monstrous, murderous, cold-hearted, violent, wrathful, devilish villains." To exasperate matters, America places guns in such children's hands. Then in the event of disaster, Americans scratch their heads pondering, "Why does this happen?"

Just think, what law would allow school violence FIRST: A law that says, "You shall love your worthy neighbor as you should rightly love yourself and, "You shall not murder" or a law that says, "You can believe, act, speak, publish and express anything you wish and , "No death penalty!" The answer is blinding apparent as you know the first law would curb crime more effectively. But America chose the last law as it's law, which is why crime is so intense here in America.

Do not be deceived. Satan and his complaisant (brown-nosing) ambassadors such as James Madison, Thomas Jefferson and all other founding fathers of the constitution, the ACLU (America Civil Liberties Union) and all other atheists who contributed to removing, "You shall not murder" out of schools are partly responsible for the school tragedy in Colorado and most other violent criminal eruptions.

Americans, do away with democracy and the USA constitution and set up the Ten Commandments with wise men who fear God and hate dishonest gain and watch yours schools become some of the most peaceful schools in the world.

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