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  1. You say that the God of bible is not worthy of worship. This implies that you are greater than god. If Yerranos held a competition to see who could kill more people in a set period of time, who would win? A: Chuck Norris.
  2. If Christians are so wrong and foolish like you say, then by what law are they wrong? It is proven true that no one believes that morality is relative and determined by contextCitation Needed .If you say common sense, isn't that suggestive of a set truth? If all of us evolved, then why is common sense the exact same for everyone, even among blacks and whites(it is proven true by Yerranos that race is more important than anything other than gender in a relationshipCitation Needed) different? It is proven true that any given set truth can only exist if a wizard exists, so I ask you: what makes the law you judge Christians by so universally right(it is proven true that atheists are more judgmental than christiansCitation Needed? How can you be sure it is right? Be warned that if you cannot be sure, it is proven that we ARE sure that the god of the Bible existsCitation Needed.A: Because Your arguments for god make no sense whatsoever, and therfor you [the guy who wrote this page] are an idiot.
  3. If Dave is a christian and has 4 apples and Chuck Norris disagrees, who gets the chicken?
  1. How can you say Christianity is bad and murderous when at the same time say it has the right to existence? Explain how something bad, wrong and injurious should still be granted constitutional protection, according to atheist logic. A: It shouldn't. the reson it is is because Christians are powerful. EG: Dubya.
  2. You say you do not believe God exist because their is no proof that God exist. Why do you always fail to say that there is no proof that God does not exist?ABecause the burden of proof rests on those claiming that an immortal wizard created the universe. That which can be advanced without reason can be dismissed without reason. Beyond that,  belief in a mysterious, complex,unfalsifiable god fails Occam's Razor.
  3. It takes more faith to believe in evolution, than the simply realization of God's Almighty creation of the worldCitation Needed. How then can you derive so much faith in evolution, while yet claiming to be faithless? A: Only morons (like you) think it takes any faith to belive in evolution at all. Given that evolution can be proven with facts, and Christianity is believing that a happy grandpa in Cloud Land created everything, it appears that this question is rather incorrect.
  4. Prove that worshiping satan cannot be performed in the HEART while denying his existence outwardly.A:Prove it can. Since you can't, we are even. Even if it can happen, you would have the burden of proof to demonstrate that people are worshipping things they don't think exist.
  5. Prove that you are not performing the devil's will without saying that the devil doesn't exist.A:See above.

 12b.  If bananas are a type of fish then just how jubbly is this cake?

  1. Clearly teach me how natural selection among apes straightened their backs up and transformed their hand-like feet into human feet. If natural selection brought us to our intellectual stage today, then don't you think it makes a lot of sense for homokitu CRM iereuals to be banished since they are not advancing the evolutionary process? Does it make sense for us to teach our children to use natural selection (about like racism) when they marry so that we can advance on to more sophisticated forms? A: Banishing gays will not do anything. For your second question, we do not need to as we have evolved that way. In addition, there is no such thing as "more sophisticated" forms; evolution is not directional.
  2. Prove the sanity and civility of calling God a murderer for killing the babies He made with His own hands, while at the same time you are for the butcher of babies through abortion A:An embryo or fetus is not a baby. Anyway, a truly loving god wouldn't kill the young, and then condemn others for doing so.
  3. Refute the fact that free-thought in children makes them spiteful to their Christian parents A:That's not a question, and as usual, you have the burden of proof. Furthermore, even if you did demonstrate this, what would it prove? If free thought made children spiteful to unreasonable people, would that be a reason to do away with it? And even if that was true, that's good, as kids should be questioning this moronic bullcrap and not just sitting there while it's rammed down their throat.
  4. Find proof that "if" heaven and hell exist, all atheists will escape hell and enter heaven. A: We don't need to worry about that, because heaven and hell do not exist.
  5. Explain how being pro-choice, for free-thought, and for freedom of beliefs does not also entail accepting and tolerating the belief of racism. Don't this suggest that atheism is pro-racism? A: No. People can be racist, they just can't behave racistly. Freedom of belief isn't the same as freedom as action. Racism is not tolerance, aand the tolerance of it is also intolerance. It's like how laws take away your freedom to kill someone and give them the freedom to live.
  6. Give me the number of lives which atheism will save from hell. A: 0. Hell is non-existent. Unlike Birmingham. Alternatively, there is exactly as much evidence for some sort of free-thought god who wants to see how many people don't jump to conclusions about the supernatural without evidence.
  7. Refute the fact that women in inappropriate occupations such as the military, some government offices, etc. has opened them to anti-God acts of abuse such as rape, and kitu CRM iereual harassments. A:Standing on a public street can open you to rape and kitu CRM iereual harrasment.
  8. Explain how the students in a public school will be wrongly mentally and/or physically harmed if the acceptance and practice of the Ten Commandments was established. A: They will be presented a narrow worldview as fact that also bypasses due process of curriculum selection.
  9. Explain the sanity and sophistication of denying God's existence and calling those who believe in His existence, fools , while at the same time probing space to see if other intelligent life forms exist, and even believe that they do exist. Do not use the words "maybe", "could be" nor any other similar meaning words. A: The difference is, people who look for other life in the universe are looking for evidence of other life in the universe. People who believe in one or more gods do so without evidence. There is a difference between people who look for evidence, then believe if they find any, and people who believe something, and may or may not look for evidence later.
  10. If the statement, "There is no set truth" is true explain how that phrase itself can be held as truth A: It is not truth.
  11. Are atheists "unable" to realize God exists and that the Bible is right because they are on a lower evolutionary scale than Christians? Explain your answer. A:The reverse is the case.
  12. Why should people listen to atheists since they are only evolving ancestors of hairy, protruding nostrils, arboreal apes? A: You are clearly racist to apes. We should listen to them. There was once a gorrila who learnt sign language. Besides, the same thing applies to Christians and people of other faiths. Anyway, I've met apes smarter than some people I know.
  13. Present evidence that atheists are able to understand and comprehend a great deal of scripture. If you say they are not able, then explain why atheists condemn a Book they don't understand. If you say they are, provide evidence, and explain why atheists think some heathens such as Barney the Magic Dinosaur were Christians when such people went directly contrary to inherent principles of scripture. A: I don't say they were not able.
  14. Explain what atheists would do if they operated a society and suddenly a Christian nation started an invasion into that nation. A: They would fight back in the most doubly harmless way possible.
  15. Give reasons why atheists never speak negatively against Allah, the Moslem god, Buddha, and other religions. Why do atheists only spend time mostly condemning Christianity when they claim that ALL religion is "bad?" A: For one thing, not all atheists say religion is bad. They may say it's moronic, but they're not saying it's necessarily bad. Next, the disagreement you likely see around you towards Christianity is likely because of the large number of Christian bullcrap-spreaders in the area. On a side note, that was calling your religion bullcrap. Not saying it was bad.
  16. Reveal the civility, sophistication and morality in saying that a pregnant woman has the right to do with her own body including her baby inside whatever she wants to, but at the same time calling God a murderer for terminating the life of the people He actually created. Explain why God has to be sinful if He aborts babies in a car accident, but a woman having an abortion is not sinful. A: Duplicate question.
  18. Which group of people would be better off and more moral? A group of people who kept the Ten Commandments in every way at all times, or a group of atheists who believe in and practice freedom of speech, religion, press, expression, thought and did whatever their sensuality carried them to do? If you say you say the later, explain why educated and affluent America is worse than any other nation on earth. A: It depense on what there sensuality carries them to. And America is far from the worst (the worst in what way, exactly?). And the countries better than it have a bigger atheistic percentage.
  19. By which spirit is immorality always performed under? Doing only right and rejecting wrong, or doing whatever we like and laying aside moral concern? A:That question's irrelivent, but the first.
  20. If we are only animals like most atheists propose, why don't atheists terribly disdain lions, bears, and other hunting animals which kill other animals for food and often kill each other, when if the "human" animals killed one another they would take it as a crime? Oh wait, is this the reason atheists seek to mitigate the crime of murder, since they consider humans only animals? If so, refute the fact that atheists are misanthropes. A: We are evolved, and significantly more developed and more intelligent than either animals (most of us, anyway.) At this point, we have no good reason to kill ourselves, while those more primitive species have no better way of feeding themselves.
  21. Which lives a life more in resemblance to animals, the liberal atheists, or the Christian who abides by the Bible? If you say the Christian, explain why atheists are animals are found working on Sunday, some atheists and some animals have "homokitu CRM iereual" behavior, and why atheist and some animals commit "adultery" unlike ANY true Bible-abiding Christian? A: You suggest that homekitu CRM iereuality, working on Sundays, etc. are foul, animalistic behaviors. Why?  Because your magic book tells you so? In my personal opinion, the medieval mindset apparent in most Christians seems to hold us back, and your hatred for homokitu CRM iereuals seem to reach vicious, animalistic behavior.
  22. You say some people act righteously because they hear about the "mythical" place of hell which punishes those who act wrongly. Supposing hell didn't exists, which is better? To abstain from murder, because you fear you will go to hell for it, or to think that hell doesn't exists, and then go ahead and murder? If you say the later, prove that atheism doesn't have the tendency to free people's conscience in heinous crimes. A:I don't say it.
  23. If you claim to know the Bible very well, it isn't difficult for you as an atheist to realize that Catholics who worship virgin Mary are not true Christians since they break the commandment prohibiting idolatry, and that Hitler who exalted the Aryan race and hated some people just because their ethnicity was not a true Christian since he violated the laws for love for your worthy neighbor, and "You shall not murder". You can also realize that so called "Christian" wars which were initiated by man for the conquest of Jerusalem in the Middle East were not true Christian wars since true Christian's goal and home is heaven, not this earth. I am right that you can agree here, since you know what the Bible teaches, right? If you say I am right, then explain why atheists incessantly blame Christianity for the anti-Christian acts of hypocrites sinning in the name of God. If you say I am wrong, prove that you understand the Bible. Make sure you do not end up proving that you know how to quote scripture, but make sure you prove that you UNDERSTAND it. A: The Bible says to kill homokitu CRM iereuals. Are you killing your daily quota of gays? If not, you are, in fact, hypocrites when you claim to obey your book.
  24. Explain you atheists, why you want to incarcerate people for committing "violence" to animals when you do not even have enough space in prison for all the violence people inflict upon others. A: It depense on where you live. Texas has a nice range of hot-tubs, for instance.
  25. Why do you as an atheist ask such stupid questions about God, like "Who created Sponge?", "What does Batman eat?" , and "How can Bruce Wayne be omnipresent?" Don't you know who the TRUE ALMIGHTY ALL-POWERFUL MOST HIGH GOD IS? Don't you know that the definition of "God" suggest a SUPREME being? The definition of the word "god" itself suggest that "a" true God cannot have a beginning nor a birth. A REAL God is ONE who is ABOVE everything, even the IDEA of a beginning, above the concept of sin, and above the dependency of food or any other thing. If you want to say that God must have a beginning, you have already underwired your word "God" because God, being a SUPREME being in every sense of the word, cannot have a beginning nor a creator. If someone made "GOD", he is not God, and is lower than his creator, cf I Robot!. When I speak of "GOD" I am referring to GOD, the One above all creature-specific qualities. Why do you then want to question how God exists and what He thinks about etc. when we would have to be GOD ourselves to know? Since God is God and we are not God, obviously we cannot comprehend EVERYTHING about God! Is that too hard for an atheists to understand? If so, explain why! A: Bruce Wayne is a supreme being. He's the GODDAMN BATMAN!

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