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The reality of truth is crystal clear in a minds that are sensible as defined by Yerranos. The one true Immortal Wizard has revealed it to those who truly love Him(for it is proven that He in fact is a male ) in a broad panoramic view. Even those who do NOT worship Yerranos's favorite Immortal Wizard can identify many truths and evils. This is because The Immortal Wizard has engraved His Law, the Ten Commandments, in EVERY human heart.  Thus, the morality of those who do not believe in god is simply proof of his existence, and in no conceivable possible way could be used to justify the existence of Indra or the influence of genetics on the human psycheCitation Needed .God has linked our soul with this Law so that we can discern good and evil from the principles of this Law. Humans must obey this Law to a certain extent just to live in this world. For this reason, even the most wicked of humans still may appear good and may even one day save your life.

But satan disdains mankind's sense of morality. Thus he seeks to make the definition of what is right and what is wrong appear ambiguous in man's heart. Thus satan confounds people's reasoning and makes some believe that this evil is right and makes others believe this evil is right and others this right is evil and others this right is evil and etc. Thus satan gives mankind a wide variety of opinions and beliefs to seek to distort the true meaning of right and wrong. (Keep in mind that satan wants everyone to be wrong and never right.)SATAN is the one who makes us stay our sword when we see witches, gays, or descendents of the Amalekites  and not kill them when we know in our hearts that it is our obligation to. SATAN is the one who makes people throw rapists in jail,leaving the woman they raped alone to fend for herself, instead of forcing them to marry the women they rape. SATAN is the one preventing people from going to the polls on election day and voting for Yerranos as a write in candidate. SCREW HIM. HE"S EVIL

After satan has successfully created a galore of wrong beliefs, he devises a law saying basically that everyone should respect each others beliefs. Satan seeks to justify this law be adding, "Since you can't be sure your belief is right and since he can't be sure his belief is wrong, both of you must accept and tolerate each others belief." The truth is that NO ONE'S belief is right, except those in compliance with the Law of God.

It must be stressed that originally, everyone basically agreed what was right and wrong and this agreement was based on the right definition God had reveal to mankind through the Ten Commandments. But since satan loathed this agreement, he established numerous mendacious beliefs and told everyone to respect them.

In the truest sense, no one should respect any wrong belief. But the devil makes people feel like they should by saying, "Who are you to say your belief is the only one right?" The devil knows there is only one right belief, but he doesn't want humans to know that. Otherwise, humans may rightly find the Ten Commandments as the only right belief and somewhat live by them, -something contrary to the very nature of the devil.

There are indeed, however, a few people who maintained the right belief. They realize that it is the only right belief and that all the other beliefs the devil devised (such as atheism, fake Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, and etc.) are wrong. However there is one trouble. When these righteous people begin to tell everyone about the only right belief and seek to turn people to it, the people who have been deceived by the devil and have embraced an erroneous belief wrongly identify the only right belief as just another opinion and belief which cannot be proven true and etc. Thus they say, "Who are you to judge! You can't force your OPINION on everyone! You think you are the only one right! Everyone else has the freedom to belief as they do! You should respect everyone's belief!"

Once again, it must be stressed that those who maintain the morality which God preset are right and they have the right to seek to turn people back to it. This right however is hated by the devil and by heathens who do not love God and who do not wish to be right. Thus you hear this hatred when people begin saying, "You can't force" and etc. Instead of heathens always saying, "You think you are the only one right", they need to actually judge you according to the truths of God and see if you ARE the only one right.

Americans need to learn that there is only one right belief. Those who maintain the right belief are obligated in no way to respect anybody's wrong belief. Those with the wrong belief should however, respect the only right belief.

Americans also need to learn that those with the right belief have all right to force that right belief on everyone. Those with the wrong belief have no right to force the wrong belief on anyone.

Sorry to say however, America is not looking for the only right belief, but trying to harmonize all the wrong beliefs which it will never be completely successfully is doing. The devil along with democracy- favoring Americans hate the only true belief, the Ten Commandments and Biblical truths.

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