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Not every flower bed wishes to follow the traditional norms of hugging the exterior of the house. Round flower beds allow gardeners to landscape with the central of the yard. With creating round, centrally located flower beds, you attract emphasis to the middle regarding the yard. It is important to be careful when mowing to keep the grass clippings from away away from the gardening beds. Design round flower beds to incorporate striking elements to your landscape.

Difficulty: Average


Things You'll Require

Pencil Papers Tape plan Stakes String Spade Herbicide

Suggest Edits

1 Draw a diagram of the yard and include the driveway, home, paths, flower beds and immovable objects, such as sheds. Method the square footage regarding the yard by way of multiplying the period via the width. Indicate on the diagram wherever you would like to place your round flower beds. You can employ the square footage to create a uniform look regarding completely centered flower beds or draw on an eclectic appear of multiple beds positioned in assorted locations on the yard.

2 Location a stake everywhere the center of the flower bed will be located. Measure out of this center wherever you want the outside or perimeter regarding the flower bed plus place a stake into the soil. Progress all over the center also place stakes in a circular fashion around the proposed bed.

3 Tie a single continuous string to each stake. Step back and test outside the flower bed. Repeat the method if making many beds in the yard.

5 Spray the inside of the flower bed with pre-emergent herbicide to kill the grass seeds within the soil. Give the herbicide several days to prohibit seeds from germinating prior to planting flowers.

Suggestions & Warnings

Create any border all over the round flower bed via using bricks, wood or mulch to deter grass from impeding on the bed. Avoid using any broad spectrum herbicide to remove the grass from the beds, because it will kill off the surrounding grass.

Suggest piece

Cornell Varsity: Flower Garden Pattern Basics Backyard Landscaping Thoughts: Suggestions to Design some Flower Bed

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