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[edit] What is evolution?

Evolution is a naturalistic explanation for the diversity of life on Earth which was first created by British naturalist Charles Darwin in the 1850s. Evolution is supported by a monumental amount of evidence, including vestigial structures, genetic similarities, the fossil record, and observed examples such as bacteria emerging resistance to antibiotics, insects evolving resistance to pesticides, et cetera. Contrary to what some people believe, evolution is accepted as factual by both those with and without belief in God and/or gods. Evolution says nothing about the origin of the universe or life: a god may have created life, but then let it evolve.

[edit] Without evolution, many things are unexplainable

Evolution can explain many phenomena in life. As it has been said, "nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of evolution". Modern biology is based on the fact of evolution. For instance, bats and humans share a similar arm because they share a common ancestor which had a similar arm as well. The ancestors of bats and humans then were seperated and each adapted to different conditions. Eventually, new species emerged which could not breed with each other despite their common ancestry. Eventually, after millions of years of divergence and adaptation, modern bats and humans emerged. The basic skeletal structure of their arms remained similar, though: one bone, two bones, a blob of little bones, and five digits.

Some people, however, unable to or too lazy to think of any better explanation, decide to invoke God. For instance, "Humans are made the way they are because God wanted them to be made this way. Any similarities are simply similarities, not evidence of identical ancestors. Everything is as it is because God wants it to be this way." Invoking God is unfalsifiable, as an apple falling due to the laws of gravity and an apple falling due to God's invisible intangible hand pushing down on it are indistinguishable from each other. The only reason to prefer the laws of gravity is because invoking a god means invoking an incredibly complex entity which is still unaccounted for. When faced with facts like this, some people just deny all this and begin babbling nonsense.

[edit] Why can't we just invoke a god?

Adding God to everything accomplishes nothing and adds unneeded complexity (an all-powerful intangible invisible being who created the universe with the appearance of naturalistic age is quite complex). If we say "god", then we learn absolutely nothing. If we look at the strata of a mountain and say "Noah's Flood", we never learn geology, and we never manage to find oil. Naturalistic explanations like evolution allow us to make predictions, draw conclusions, and take actions, which we have seen have gone quick well.

[edit] Do genetic similarities prove anything?

Probably, yes. Sometimes, genes get added to DNA and are inherited by all that organism's descendants. They would each inherit this mutation. Saying that only one mutation occured and was inherited by two is simpler than saying each organism happened to gain the exact same neutral mutation. One example of faulty reasoning is that "plants and diamonds are both mainly made of carbon, and you need heat to create both from a blackish-looking substance (dirt for plants and coal for diamonds). Does this mean that diamonds came from plants? Of course not." This, of course, is a classic example of a non sequitur,

[edit] The goal of evolution

Evolution's goal is to provide an explanation to account for the diversity of life

[edit] Teach the Controversy!

Students shouldn't be exposed to both evolution and creationism in order to allow them to choose whichever they want to believe in. That's about like making a math book that teaches that pi equals three (as shown in I Kings), e and then giving students the right to choose between that book and a book which had the correct answers. Creationism, being erroneous, should simply be recognized as such, and expelled from curriculum. Students should understand bats' wings, monkeys, cell biology, fish lateral lines, deoxyribonucleic acid, etc. all from a basic understand of evolution.

[edit] External links

http://www.evolutionfairytale.com/ If you want some laughs.

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