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In this document, I compare the numerous historical tragedies in America as terrible fatal vehicle crashes. For example, the Oklahoma bombing can be compared to a fool traveling 400mph on a city street. Making matters worse, this fool has the constitutional right to travel this fast, so this disaster is replicated incessantly. (Cars don't normally go that fast do they? I mean hell we need special engines to make planes go that fast...)

America's greatest plague is caused by it's constitution which promises it's citizens that they have the right to cause any havoc they see fit, which in my terms, have the freedom to drive as insanely on the road as they wish. (Except the Constitution doesn't do that. In fact I'm almost certain that it's a set of laws and freedoms that govern the people. You're thinking of an Anarchist government. Not the one currently in place.)

This document is actually overly simplified, but read it anyhow to understand my point (Well that and to finish the drinking game. Every time you see a logical fallacy take a shot! Take a shot when ever they mess up history)

America's moral condition can be compared to this: When America was first beginning, it began with citizens who cared at least a great deal for stop signs, red lights, speed limits, seat belts, right lane driving and other driving laws (And here I thought it was founded by intolerant Puritans and the Tobacco industry..) Another country (Britain) helped make sure such laws were followed. As America grew up, it became more liberal and unrestrained. The stiff hand Britain had on America imposing traffic safety laws angered the more liberal and "irreligious" Americans. (Take two shots for not knowing how history actually happened. Also America didn't exist until 1776 and the Bill of rights wasn't in place until 1786 or so) They thus decided to compose a declaration of independence from Britain. Not all Americans agreed with this declaration of independence. They knew that British traffic laws worked to the security, and safety of the colonies. (Well that and the British made them lots of money. And the whole being loyal to the motherland thing.) The liberal and more foolish Americas however detested those who sided with Britain and even murdered some of them. (Except on a country to country basis the Brits were one of the most liberal countries in the world at the time. The American Revolution happened because of The Quebec act and people wanting land more than anything).

So the time came for American patriots to fight against British mercenaries. (Weren't the Hessians German? Ehh take a shot because the British regulars fought too.) Believe it or not, these American patriots were so zealous for no safety restraint that they won the war.(More like France helped and the British decided it wasn't worth it anymore.) Having won the war they eagerly set a law saying that you can drive on any side of the road you see fit, that you do not have to wear a seat belt, you have the right to drive at any speed even 1 billion miles per hour, you have the right and freedom to choose which stop signs you want to stop at, you have right to drive with your lights off at night if you wish and etc. (What with horses? Seriously they must have been awesome horses then. Besides the states decided what side of the road not the feds.)

However not everyone at first understood the ultimate consequences of this law. So even after the law was made, stop signs and red lights (prayer in schools and etc.) were still enforced by the government or by individuals. But as the years moved along more people began to find that such traditions are unconstitutional. (Maybe because they were? Just saying.) They thus sued in court and won. People are thus traveling faster and faster on the road, ignoring more stop signs and red lights, and some are even beginning to switch their lights off at night. (Well better that then getting blinded by those damned high beams...)

The obvious effect of such a constitution are becoming more and more apparent. Thousands of people are increasingly dying every week in terrible car cashes. Three presidents have even been killed as a result of such a law, one being one of America's most beloved president. (Actually Lincoln and Coolidge were assassinated before they took prayer out of schools.) However, no one sees that such a law should be destroyed for allowing the death of so many people. Hard to believe, some people have even discovered that the law does not condemn you at all if you purposely run over as many babies as you wish at night (abortion, but done in the legal way) if they are a certain age. (I thought abortion was legal in the states. Anyway your metaphor makes no sense. You don't run over babies on purpose because they're at home or in hospitals. Seniors maybe but not babies)

True Christians are in some of the cars with the heathen Americans. (So one can't be a Christian and a nationality? Better go tell the guys in Vatican City.) The heathen American is driving very fast, 200 mph, running every stop light possible. He has already hit 20 pedestrians leaving them lying dead in the highway. (So it's male drivers that are the problem?) The Christian therefore tells the heathen, "You are driving two fast! It is wrong for you to kill people with this insane driving!" (Two fast? does that mean two is some type of car?) But the heathen retorts, "Who are you to judge how fast I am to go? The Bible says, Do not judge! (Lest ye be judged. It also says so forgive so that we maybe forgiven. Never mind I mean it's only the words Christ said.) Besides, what's wrong for you may not be wrong for me! Who gives you the authority to say what is right and wrong?" Another heathen is driving 300mph at night with no lights on. The Christian says, "You do not need to drive so fast and you need to switch on your lights!" But the heathen says, "Why are you always so disagreeable?! (Heathen has a point me thinks. I mean that is being kind of a buzz kill.) Besides the constitution gives me the right to drive as I drive and you to drive as you drive! You need to learn to tolerate other's driving just as I tolerate your driving!" The Christian then says, "I drive 55 mph with my lights on and I stop at all red lights and etc. I have the right to drive like this but you do not have the God-given right to drive like you are driving because you have already killed 60 people and you yourself will die sooner or later! God tells us not to murder also!" (True but on the other hand the constitution does allow the government to set the speed and safety laws in conjunction with the states. So technically they're already breaking the law. I think you need a better metaphor) But the heathen says, "The Bible is open to interpretation! And besides who is God? This is a free country! I do like I wish you jackass!" (Oh English what have they done to you? Speak to me please! You monsters you murdered him!) So the Christian gets out of the car with the heathen. And as soon as the heathen started off driving this time 400mph, his car spun out of control into a lake 150 feet below the bridge, killing him (Oklahoma bombing). (I think you've lost the metaphor here. Considering that it was one heathen that blew up the  Oklahoma building and the rest condemned him for it. Think he got the death penalty.) Then the rescue units and police and etc. arrive at the scene and begin saying, "Why does this happen? What can be done about this increasingly prevalent problem?" "I know!" some "expert" suggests. "Maybe we ought to just fill this lake in with sand up to the level of the bridge so no one will get hurt if they do runoff the bridge." , (Didn't they drastically overhaul security procedures and training in response to that? Not really filling with sand so much as putting tire spikes on the bridge) he says. "That will be extremely costly.", counters another. The Christian however tells them that the constitution which gives everyone the right to drive like this must be destroyed and a new law which wisely sets limits should be placed in effect. (You mean that same constitution that already says don't do that? I dunno I think maybe just maybe that having more people in the police force and better training/education would work better. But what do I know I'm apparently figment of the heathen imagination) But no one listens for they all say, "We must keep our liberty!" (Well they did fight a few wars over it. I can kind of understand their point.)

What do you think of a constitution which has murdered over 5 million babies, removed prayer from schools, allowed hundreds of death-deserving criminals (Well and thousands more to go through re-education and eventually get back into society. And keeping the innocent people who were wrongfully convicted from dying...but no those dam dirty...wait why do they deserve death again? You've never really explained.) to live thus almost exhausting taxpayers money, (Yet somehow the charismatic Christian President more than tripled the American debt in his first term and over saw the start of the recession. And indirectly paved the way for the financial crisis in 2008...) gave people the right to shoot presidents, (Thats not in the constitution...actually I'm almost certain they have laws against that. And tend to have people with guns on hand to prevent that sort of thing.) gave people the right to believe the Oklahoma federal building ought to be detonated, and etc.? (That's also not in the Constitution...did you actually read it or are you just making this up as you go along?) What do you think of a constitution that has raised crime in America, allowed homokitu CRM iereuals who carry aids to live, (Yes because obviously we should murder people who get sick. Not like Aids isn't currently a death sentence or anything...wait it is.) and is responsible for violent youth in schools? (Actually studies show that youth violence has gone down in the past twenty years) Such a constitution drives a crazy man crazy! (Isn't this a tautology? And why would the Constitution drive the crazy man crazy? It's not as if he actually understands it...) If you think such a constitution is GOOD, (Well it beats being killed out of hand for being a lowly peasant/wrong religion/ merely existing etc....that and I kind of like my standard of living. What with enough food to eat and everything. Which came about oddly enough because of Democracy and free market enterprise) you GOT TO BE KING OF THE FOOLS!! (Sorry for usurping your position then.)

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