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Democracy is a principle not fully understood by most people. Fortunately, Yerranos, a graduate of The Immortal Wizard's school of governmental theory, is here to clear up the opposition with his clearly superior knowledge. Thus, when I voice my opposition to democracy, people think I am seditious and ready to overthrow the government. Maybe if you understood democracy and it's moral overtones, you would understand that rejecting democracy lines right up with Christian principles. Quite simply, if you disagree with Yerranos, it is from a lack of understanding. In the ultimate sense, democracy is the cause of all world problems, even those that occured before it existed Yes, democracy which is calling itself a remedy of such problems is the real culprit. Theocracy can be worse. [1]

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[edit] People rule = sin rules

Everyday, people show they are sinful. You mean to tell me you don't sin? Well since everyone sins, and do many evil things, they shouldn't be allowed to make laws for themselves. They are only going to make sinful laws. Alas, in America, we see that to be very true. Look at all the abortion laws, anti-death penalty laws, gay "rights" laws, etc. These are the result of sinful humans trying to rule themselves. We are unfit to rule ourselves. In fact, when we try to rule ourselves, the laws becomes so complicated, no one fully understands it, and it has loopholes. Thus we need God's law, the Ten Commandments as a rule of life. From it, we stem all other rules and justifications.

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[edit] But this is a Christian nation

No, this nation is not a Christian nation. Many people who called themselves Christians came here for such freedom, but those who actually set up America, and drew up the laws were people who did not favor Christianity. They were more conservative than liberals today, but they were nevertheless liberals and they continually tried to keep the morality of the man who killed every firstbirn Egyptian child at one point in time  out of the government. The Christians living during that time disagreed with those in power or rather the founding fathers. They saw them as ultra liberals, and of course, they were.

[edit] But what about other decisions.

Where do we put the school? How much do we pay the teachers? How much do you pay if you litter? How many parks, hospitals and schools? How many students in a class? HOW DO WE KNOW WHAT TO DO FOR THOSE THINGS!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

[edit] See also

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