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Some people say that talking about abortion is akin to talking about a person right in front of you, as if you were one of the jurors in 12 Angry Men. Although killing innocent people is obviously wrong to anybody with any functioning sense of morality, some particularly idiotic people for some reason want to shoehorn zygotes into the category of "people". Abortion has often been compared to the Holocaust in an idiotic display of Godwin's Law. There are a lot of differences between Hitler's killing of the Jews and an abortion, as you will find when you read this article. Abortion has also been compared to the death penalty, but again, this analogy falls flat, as we will see.


[edit] Is abortion murder?

The short answer: No.

The long answer: No, it isn't a form of murder. Despite others' claims to the contrary, modern embryology and neuroscience have shown that brain activity associated with consciousness only appears some 20 to 26 weeks after conception, so until then, the fetus (or embryo, or zygote) literally couldn't care less about dying. After this point, nearly all abortions were because of scenarios where either the fetus' or the mother's health was in grave danger.

[edit] Special Occasions

[edit] Rape

As detailed above, if a woman is raped, she gets to choose whether or not she will keep the tissues which are forming in her uterus. It's a choice. The rapist should and hopefully will be found guilty and punished severely, yet, as we have repeated and will continue to repeat, the fetus just doesn't give a damn until ~20 weeks. Technically speaking, the relationship between mother and fetus can be accurately described as parasitical: the fetus consumes resources from the mother, expels its own waste into the mother, and doesn't help the mother itself. Although some might say there is an emotional benefit for the mother, this only applies if the child is wanted. If the fetus is the result of rape, it's probably not wanted.

[edit] Danger

In the event that due to the pregnancy, the mother's life is somehow in danger, an abortion would be justified regardless of whether it was past the 20-week mark. It would obviously be better for one life to be lost rather than both that one and another.

[edit] Deformity

Although the born deformed have the same human rights as those who are "healthy", the same does not apply while still in the uterus. In order to prevent any future suffering that the baby would encounter in the future, the mother can choose to abort even after the 20-week mark to spare the child from such a life. The child would die, the only thing he known being in a warm, dark, comfortable place, unaware of all the future suffering it would face. Why doesn't the same principle apply to "healthy" unborn children? Because they most likely wouldn't encounter so severe disability which would interfere with their daily lives or ability to survive on their own.

[edit] Population control

If you want to consider a method for controlling population, then you only need to remember that abortion should be a choice on the woman's part. If she chooses to abort, that's her choice. If she chooses to keep the embryo to term, again, that's her choice. Although it is a fact that we now have 7 billion souls on this Earth, there are other ways of slowing populatoin growth. Abortion, however, is a good choice in the event of an unwanted pregnancy. You can't force someone to either have an abortion or not have an abortion. That's why it's called "PRO-CHOICE".

[edit] Godwin's Law

Abortion has sometimes been called by anti-choicers as being a "holocaust". Not only does this break Godwin's Law, but the analogy's flawed because Jews, Slavs, Gypsies, homokitu CRM iereuals, etc., are able to feel pain and tell others they don't want to be killed, while fetuses aren't. With the principle of "lives not worth living" one might infer from the section above on deformity, being part of a certain ethnic group or kitu CRM iereual orientation does not have a form of excruciating pain that the deformities meant above do.

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